The 3 Most Effective Stretch Mark Removal Creams in the Market

Nobody likes seeing stretch marks on their skin. This is why it is very important to look for a stretch mark removal treatment that actually works. One reason for this is because the many different stretch mark creams available in the market only do so little of what needs to be done. As a result, people get discouraged about using these creams in helping them get rid of stretch marks. Since these creams do not do a good job, they look for other options that they can use. Thankfully, there are now a number of products and treatments that have been specially formulated for reducing the occurrence of these marks on the skin.

Best Stretch Mark Creams of 2012
Top Stretch Mark Cream Skinception Revitol Trilastin-Sr
Overall Rank
Guarantee 67 Days Money Back 90 Days Money Back 60 Days Money Back
Results Seen 4-6 weeks 6-8 weeks 6+ weeks
Ingredient’s Quality 9.8/10 9.3/10 8.7/10
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3 Month Supply $52/Jar $40/Jar $73/Tube
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What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks, also called striae, refer to a scarring condition that produces a pale look on the skin. These marks are usually the result of the dermis tearing apart. Over time, these marks can diminish. However, they do not completely disappear. Mostly, stretch marks are the result of stretching of the skin commonly associated with weight gain, rapid growth or even severe pulling on the skin. Many actually believe that stretch marks are the cause of pregnancy and weight gain. But because these can also be present on thin people, this belief has been ruled out.

As such, many have affiliated stretch marks with different hormonal changes such as muscle building, puberty, pregnancy, and the use of hormone replacement therapy.

What do Stretch Marks Look Like?

Normally, stretch marks appear on the skin with a purple or red hue. Depending on the treatment used, these marks can gradually start fading to a lighter color. At the same time, the affected area will look empty.

On the layers of the skin, stretch marks appear on the dermis. This is the elastic middle layer which gives support to the skin in maintaining its shape. As long as the dermis has support, stretch marks will not appear on the skin. But because there are some factors that can lead to the stretching of the skin, the dermis loses its support and gives way to the occurrence of these unsightly marks.

Where do Stretch Marks Appear?

Despite the fact that stretch marks have a tendency to appear on large areas of stored fat, they can also appear in other parts of the body. However, the most common areas include the abdomen, underarms, upper arms, thighs, hips, buttocks, back, and the breasts. Even though they do not pose any normal functionality and health risk problems, they are unsightly to look at. This is why people continue to look for the best stretch mark removal treatment or product available in the market.

Stretch Mark Removal Treatment Options

Nowadays, there are a number of options available for getting rid of stretch marks. Apart from the availability of stretch mark creams and natural remedies, there are several other options that can be selected. The effectiveness of these treatment options depend on how the procedure is done. This is why it is best to know what the different types of treatment are and how they can do their job in getting rid of stretch marks.

Laser Therapy for Stretch Marks

For those who want a fast remedy for stretch marks, going through laser therapy is a feasible option. This is because laser is not only used for removing stretch marks, it is also a good stimulant of the growth of new collagen. As a result of this, the affected area gets filled from the bottom up. With the dermis’ absorption of laser energy, new collagen plumps up the skin and makes these marks disappear.

Stretch Mark Removal Surgery

While there are many who consider surgery as their last resort, there are those who think otherwise. This is particularly true for those who have the means of affording a tummy tuck treatment. For stretch marks that are located below the belly button, a tummy tuck treatment is a wise choice.

Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

For people who do not have the budget for getting rid of stretch marks, there are natural remedies that can be used. Apart from being a cheaper alternative, these natural remedies contain ingredients that do not cause any harm to the body. The downfall to using this though is that results can take a while before they start appearing on the body.

Stretch Mark Creams

The best way to get rid of stretch marks on the skin is to religiously apply stretch mark creams. This is why it is best to know what the best stretch mark removal brands are in the market. By knowing what the top players are, individuals avoid wasting time trying out products that do nothing for their skin.

Top 3 Stretch Mark Creams

#1. Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy

Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy has been specifically formulated to help get rid of stretch marks. This is because this particular brand has been developed to resolve factors which lead to the appearance of stretch marks. Because it targets the problem of loss of collagen and elastin, it is able to help get rid of the problem once and for all. Apart from getting rid of stretch marks, Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy also provides help in:

  • Increasing the production of collagen and elastin
  • Reducing and smoothening striations and furrows
  • Fading purplish and reddish discolorations by evening out the skin tone.

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#2. Revitol Stretch Mark Solution

Revitol Stretch Mark Solution is another brand that has been recognized as an effective tool against stretch marks. Compared to the other brands, Revitol has long been widely used by many people. Since it contains quality ingredients, it is no longer a surprise why it is able to provide good results. Some of the ingredients that can be found in Revitol include fruit extracts, squalene oil, vitamins A, E and D3. The combination of these ingredients only goes to show how effective they are against stretch marks.

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#3. Trilastin-Sr

The popularity of Trilastin-Sr has largely been influenced by its appearance on the hit The Tyra Banks Show. Trilastin-Sr works by healing the skin’s inner layers. Unlike the other stretch mark creams available in the market, Trilastin-Sr boasts of its microsphere and virtual patch technology which results to a more thorough healing process on the skin. Another benefit about using Trilastin-Sr is because it is fragrance free and it is hypoallergenic, which lets more people have a chance to use it on their sensitive skin.

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