Stretch mark cream reviews and getting rid of stretch marks after weight loss


Before pregnancy most women have flawless skin that is usually supple and it adds to their attractiveness. Showing off a bit of leg and cleavage is never a problem and is actually encouraged by society but this goes on only until after they get pregnant and give birth. Unsightly stretch marks attack and affect body parts such as the belly, buttocks, thighs, hips, breasts as well as upper arms. This usually follows the rapid weight loss that follows childbirth because the skin will have been stretched beyond its capacity and does not get back to its original form.  These are the ugly lines you see that are called stretch marks.

Importance of collagen

Getting rid of stretch marks after weight loss

The skin normally has a connective tissue known as collagen which gives the skin natural strength and enables it to stretch because it has some elasticity. Collagen forms the foundation that holds together the skin and its blood vessels and appears like a net holding the skin cells together. When the collagen loses its strength and collapses the skin gets danged by breaking and tearing followed by wrinkles that follow. It is significant that collagen levels be maintained of stretch marks could be avoided.

Damage of collagen

When collagen and elastin are damaged for any reason, stretch marks appear because of too much tension to the skin causing damage and the next step of damage happens when the blood vessels also get damaged and this is what gives the appearance of pin, red, brown or purple lines beneath the skin.  You need a lot of patience in order to repair this form of damage to the skin in order for you to get back the sexy look you had before you became pregnant.

Stretch mark removal creams

Stretch marks are almost inevitable during pregnancy but the good news is that there are numerous ways of getting rid of stretch marks after weight loss related to pregnancy. There are numerous creams that are effective in this exercise and they include:

  1. Dermology stretch mark solution:  This is among those creams that have been proven clinically to help the skin maintain its natural elasticity and many women who have used it have loved it extensively.
  2. Trilastin-sr: This particular cream is known to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen and also promoted the thickening of the inner layer of the skin to remove any visible scars due to damage by stretch marks.
  3. Zenmed Stretta: This happens to be one of the leading brands that help in eliminating stretch marks by naturally fading the color differences between the affected skin and the rest of the body. The natural ingredients of this cream include glycolic acid which very easily penetrates deep into the skin and bring quick healing.
  4. Revitol: Revitol is a celebrated success story in eliminating stretch marks. Its strong combination of ingredients such as Vitamin A, C, and E, aloe Vera and other essential oils help it work  best especially in preventing stretch marks from happening in the first place.

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