Does tanning really help stretch marks fade away?


People who have tried to eliminate stretch marks through any conventional procedure know that there is no instant solution for dealing with them. Apart from surgery and laser treatments that could out of reach for majority of the people due to the high costs involved, the rest of the methods require patience because they could take several months before any tangible benefits are seen. Tanning stretch marks is gaining popularity because it helps you to disguise them for a while and you are able to reveal as much skin as you want without inviting any unnecessary stares.

Does tanning cover stretch marks?

Tanning stretch marks

The easiest way to disguise stretch marks in order for you to do anything you want to without inviting any unfavorable attention is fading stretch marks through tanning. The process is as simple as choosing a simple bronze color and then spraying your entire body in that color and voila! With tanning you will not need to worry about any need for make up and if your doing the procedure using an airbrush your skin will thank you for it since it will get into contact with many more natural ingredients. Tanning using an airbrush is also good enough for those people who have sensitive skin because it will generally not be harmed.

Where is tanning done?

If you want to see good results of fading stretch marks through tanning you need to simply visit a salon that offers the service and you will be attended to by a professional who can do a demonstration for you on a small part of your body so that you see the resultant effect before subjecting your entire body to the procedure. Many professional use airbrushes and as such as able to cover any stretch marks that could be in any part of the body and thereafter blend them with the bronze that will have been selected for the rest of the body.

Important things to remember

If you have decided to try and disguise your stretch marks through tanning you already have an answer that it will actually fade them at least for a period and allow you to do anything you want to do without inviting any stares. Some important things you will need to keep in mind as you do it include:

  • Before you decide to subscribe to any tanning procedure you must make sure that the tanning professional you will be using has actually done the procedure to another person so that you do not become a guinea pig. There are many tanning professionals who cannot actually disguise stretch marks.
  • Talk to a friend who has done the procedure and find out whet method they used and whether their stretch marks were actually covered and if they would recommend the salon where the process was done on them.

There you are; if you are still wondering whether tanning can fade away stretch marks, the answer is a resounding YES.




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